Privacy Policy

1. Who we are and what we do

Totteridge Residents’ Association is a voluntary association which aims to provide opportunities for the members of the Association to discuss matters of local government and of general interest in the district: to call public meetings: to appoint deputations: to co-operate with, and appoint representatives to any other body: to make representations to authorities: and generally to promote the interests of the members.

The Totteridge Residents’ Association committee comprises of 11-14 Totteridge residents who meet approximately once a month to discuss and consider matters that affect Totteridge and its residents.  Representatives of local council and the police also attend some of our monthly meetings.

Committee members are volunteers who also attend further meetings on behalf of Totteridge such as: FORAB (the Federation of Residents’ Associations of Barnet); CAP (Crime Area Prevention); CAAC (Conservation Area Advisory Committee.). Where possible, members also speak at Planning Consultations on behalf of or in support of residents on request.

2. Membership of the Totteridge Residents’ Association

People become members of the Totteridge Residents’ Association by paying an annual subscription and completing a subscription form.

3. What data we collect and the source of our data

The only data about a member which is obtained and held by the Totteridge Residents’ Association is that which is set out by the member in their subscription form. That information comprises the member’s name, house address and contribution and, if the member chooses to do so, the member may also provide some or all of the member’s email address, mobile telephone number and home telephone number.

If they choose to do so, members may also provide their bank account name, number and bank sort code where they are paying their subscription by online banking and may in addition provide their bank details and the bank address when they are paying their subscription by standing order.

Totteridge Residents’ Association does not hold information about members from any other sources. We also hold historical record of members’ subscriptions, attendance at our meetings, and our correspondence with members.

Apart from providing the standing order form to the member’s bank, none of the data provided by members is shared with any other person. We use members’ banking details to process subscriptions they have made. We do not retain banking details in our membership recording system.

4. Legitimate interests statement

Under the new data protection law starting in May 2018 there are a number of lawful grounds that permit us to obtain and hold the personal information described in 4 above. One of the lawful grounds is what is called “legitimate interests”.

Broadly speaking the “legitimate interests” ground permits an organisation to obtain and hold and use a member’s personal information if the organisation has a legitimate purpose for doing so and it is necessary for the organisation to do so and the organisation’s interests are not overridden by the member’s interests.

We believe that the limited purposes for which we obtain, hold and use members’ personal data (set out in 5 below) are legitimate purposes, are necessary and do not harm any of the rights or interest of the members.

5. The purposes for which we use personal data

The reasons why we obtain from each member the information described in 3 above and the reason why we hold that information is because it is in the legitimate interests of the Totteridge Residents’ Association:

• To have an up to date list of its members with their contact information;
• To know which members have paid their subscriptions and to be able to contact members to ask them to subscribe again;
• To be able to communicate with members when necessary;
• To be able to ask members to support the Totteridge Residents Association when we have concerns which we believe affect residents of Totteridge;
• To be able to inform members about matters which we believe are of interest to residents of Totteridge.

We do not share members’ data with any other party.

6. Who has access to the data

The TRA maintains the confidentiality of your personal data and does not allow access and use of personal data except for communications with you and checking our membership register and payment of subscriptions. TRA volunteers who have access to such data must comply with our requirements covering the confidentiality and use of the data.

7. Your right to request removal of your data

You have the right to request us to erase your personal data from our systems and records. If you want us to remove your data from our system and records, please contact us at the email address below.

8. Our right to update this Policy

We reserve the right to update this policy in the future. Any updates will be reflected in this policy as it appears on our website.

9. How you can contact us

Totteridge Residents’ Association may be reached by email at Totteridge Residents’ Association does not have a physical address or any office.