Look out for the 2022 TRA Year Book

We are delighted to announce that the 2022 yearbook will be distributed in the Spring. The cover has been designed by a pupil from St Andrews school.

We would like to thank the road stewards in advance for helping to distribute the year book. We are always looking for extra people to help – so if you have any spare time please drop us a line.


SAVE THE DATE The Queens Platinum Jubilee Summer Fete, Totteridge Green, May 21st 2022

To Celebrate The Queens Platinum Jubilee Darland’s Conservation Trust are hosting a Fete on Totteridge Green.

Date – May 21st 2022

Time – 12 – 5 pm

If you or your organisation would like to support this event, or host a stall at the fete please contact :


Welcome to 2022 – Its time to renew your TRA membership

TRA subscription year runs from January to December. Annual membership is just £5.

To renew your membership simply click on ‘Become a member’ on the hope page and follow the instructions.


Remembrance Sunday – This Sunday 14 November 2021

Please join the Mayor of Barnet, other members of the Totteridge Residents Association and local groups to commemorate Remembrance Sunday. The wreath laying ceremony will be followed by the national 2 minute silence and will take place at 10:40am on Sunday 14 November at the Totteridge War Memorial outside St Andrews Church, You will be most welcome.

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Message from Totteridge Safer Neighbourhoods Team

Autumn is here and the clocks have gone back, meaning darker afternoons and increasing opportunities for criminals.

During the autumn and winter months burglaries do tend to increase. Homes that are left unlit during the dark afternoons act as a signal to burglars that a property is empty, so residents are being urged to follow home security advice in the months leading up to Christmas.

Totteridge Safer Neighbourhood Teams will be holding crime prevention events across ward this autumn, offering tips on keeping homes and valuables safe. We will let you know in advance.

Residents can make their homes more secure by following some basic crime prevention advice such as:

– Lock all doors and windows and ensure any type of doors are locked properly by lifting the handle and using the key to double-lock them.

– Consider installing a door bell camera, internal camera and/or monitored burglar alarm
Install ‘dusk to dawn’ external lighting and use timer switches or wi-fi plugs/systems in your home to control internal lights, radios and a simulated TV.

– Keep keys and valuables secure and out of sight.

– Ensure boundary fences are secure with side gates locked. Keep tools and ladders in a locked shed

David Morrow PCSO 7205NW DWO    Totteridge  Safer Neighbourhoods Team  Mobile: 07920 233746 Barnet Police Station 26-32 High Street, Barnet, EN5 5RU Web: Email: 


Upcoming Event – Surgery with TRA’s Joint Chairs

If you are a resident of Totteridge, there will be an opportunity for you to join the Joint Chairs of the TRA for an informal chat to share your thoughts and ideas.

Dates are not yet confirmed but please contact us via the website if you are interested.

Thank you, Aviva and Sarah


Upcoming Mayor of London and London Assembly Elections May 6th 2021

  • Mayor of London and London Assembly elections will be held on Thursday 6 May 2021
  • Change to Polling Station – Totteridge Polling Station will be at Totteridge Village Hall, Badgers Croft and not at St. Andrews school as previous elections.
  • Its really important our voices are heard so please vote.

Voting by post

Voting by post is a convenient and secure way of voting, especially if you are unable to go to your polling station.  In these uncertain times we are encouraging electors to apply to vote by post.   

You do not have to vote by post and Barnet Council are making sure that polling stations will be safe. However, it will take longer to vote in person and there may be a queue. Any registered voter can apply for a postal vote and you do not need to give a reason for wanting to vote by post.

If you’re thinking of voting by post, you can apply now. This will make sure your application is processed early, and your postal vote can be sent to you more quickly.

The deadline to apply for, cancel or change a postal vote or proxy postal vote for the elections on 6 May 2021 is 5pm on Tuesday 20 April 2021.


2021 TRA Subscription year has begun

The TRA subscription year runs from January to December.For just £5 per year you can become a member, or update your membership to the Totteridge Residents Association.

To become a member, simply click on the ‘become a member’ tab above and follow instructions. You can either pay by online banking or else send a cheque.


Remembrance Sunday 2020

President of the Totteridge Residents Association, Eileen Eskenzi and Councillor Alison Cornelius pay their respects, as they lay wreaths at the Totteridge War memorial.


Darlands Nature Reserve

After many years of discussion, consultation and negotiation, in June 2019, the London Borough of Barnet granted The Darlands Conservation Trust a 99 year lease on the Darlands Nature Reserve. The Trust is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) established by members of our local community to conserve, protect and improve Darlands Nature Reserve. This was a major step towards protecting this wonderful area for wildlife and for the community for generations to come. But this was just the start.

Habitat management work is already underway. Over the winter months volunteers have been busy clearing areas of scrub in the north field. This is the first stage of re-establishing areas of grassland and re-opening forgotten tracks and paths. This was greatly assisted by a generous donation from Moat End Farm of a tractor and driver for a day, enabling the clearance of a much greater area. Unfortunately the lockdown has halted workdays until further notice.

A stand of Giant Hogweed by the Folly Brook

It is hoped that despite the lockdown the annual treatment of Giant Hogweed will still be able to go ahead as planned this summer. Giant Hogweed is an invasive, non-native species that has become established at Darlands over many years. It grows up to three metres tall with large white flower heads each producing thousands of seeds. It out-competes native plants and negatively impacts biodiversity. 

It is also hazardous to health as its sap can cause severe blistering and burns when it comes into contact with skin exposed to sunlight. It is expected to take up to ten years of annual treatment to completely eradicate this species.

Tree surgeons have carried out works on trees around the reserve that have fallen onto paths or pose a threat to safety. Wherever possible dead wood is retained in situ as it provides sustenance, nutrients and shelter for numerous species of woodland animals, plants and fungi. 

Coppicing by the lake.

Willows and alder trees along one side of the lake have also been coppiced. This will allow more sunlight into the woodland and the lake margins. Coppicing is a traditional form of woodland management where the stems are cut close to the ground. This is beneficial to the trees which will regrow more vigorously and will encourage flowers and insect activity, benefiting birds, bats, and other wildlife. The cut timber will be stored and used for fencing and paths around the reserve.

For many the lake is the highlight of a visit to the nature reserve and it is of primary importance to the reserves value to wildlife. It also poses the Trust’s biggest challenge. Silt has accumulated in the lake over the decades, reducing the area of open water by almost half. Once over 2 metres deep, the lake is now less than 20 centimetres and has completely dried up during prolonged periods without rain.
Addressing this by removing much of the silt will require a major engineering project estimated to cost in excess of £300,000.
Darlands Conservation Trust receive no government or local authority funding. Lockdown has forced the cancellation of all of our planned fundraising events.So now more than ever your donations are vital to securing the future of Darlands

For more information about Darlands Nature Reserve, the Darlands Conservation Trust or to make a donation or regular gift please visit our website: